Alumna’s gift in will makes more Manchester Masters Bursaries available than ever before

Thanks to the generosity of Alumna Aline Egan, who made the decision to remember the University in her will, we are now able to increase the number of Manchester Master’s Bursaries offered to talented and deserving students, from 75 to 100 bursaries per year for the next four years.

Each year, 50 Manchester Masters Bursary recipients will have their bursary funded by Aline’s generous gift. By the end of the four years Aline will have directly impacted the lives of up to 200 students, who will be known as The Aline Egan Scholars.

Aline’s Legacy

Aline graduated in English Language and Literature from the University in 1952 and looked back on her time at the University fondly. During her studies Aline lived in St Gabriel’s Catholic Halls of Residence, where she and her friends affectionately named themselves ‘The Gabs Girls.’ The 13 ‘Gabs Girls’ met at Manchester but enjoyed a firm friendship throughout their lives.

St.Gabriels Hall of Residence

Aline was a long-standing donor to The University of Manchester, donating to support students impacted by financial hardship. We are extremely grateful for Aline’s far-sighted generosity and for leaving a gift in her will to ‘support students unable to adequately finance their studies’ at the University. As a result students from all backgrounds can enjoy the same world-class education she benefited from.

The importance of the Manchester Master’s Bursary

The impact of Aline’s gift will be far reaching and felt for generations to come. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, access to the most financially rewarding, stable and fulfilling careers will be even harder to attain for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. A master’s degree from Manchester can offer enhanced skills and specialist knowledge that can put graduates in a better position to compete in the job market.

Meanwhile for aspiring researchers, a master’s degree is a vital steppingstone towards a PhD and a career in research tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges. Thanks to Aline more great minds will be given the opportunity to make the breakthroughs and discoveries that will benefit future generations, regardless of their social or financial circumstances.

What an incredible legacy to leave behind. Thank you, Aline.

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