Alumna’s gift in will provides lasting support for Teachers of the Deaf

Alumna Jennifer Gough (Geography BSc Hons, 1976) kindly remembered the work of the University’s Deaf Education team with a gift in her will.

Now, 11 Jennifer Gough Bursaries are available for Teachers of the Deaf. A vital programme of support which will ensure that more people facing hearing impairments get the support they need to access the education they deserve.

The history of Deaf Education at Manchester.

Deaf Education was established at Manchester in 1919. Before this time there was no specialist education or audiological provision for deaf children. In recent years a small number of institutions across England have established training in Deaf Education but Manchester has continued to lead the way in specialist training for over 100 years.

The training, conceived at Manchester, is now statutory across the UK and is regulated by the Department of Education. This means that any teacher who wants to specialise to teach deaf children must complete a mandatory Post Graduate Diploma in Deaf Education.

Why Teachers of the Deaf are vital.

Over 90% of deaf children are born to hearing caregivers and most of these caregivers want their child to acquire the first language of the home; the language that they use. This, for the majority of caregivers is a spoken language, be it English, Welsh, Polish, Urdu or any one of the many other languages spoken in homes by families across the UK.

Deafness is not a learning disability but what it does do, is limit access to the speech signal so acquiring a spoken language (if this is the desired outcome for families) requires specialist technology to enable access to speech and language. This secures the best outcomes for deaf children. The role of the Teachers of the Deaf is to work with families and children (0-25 years) to ensure access to language and learning.

Building on over 100 years’ experience of delivering specialist training to teachers, our course continues to offer pioneering ways to ensure that Manchester Deaf Education alumni are highly skilled and specialised to meet the specific needs of deaf children and the families that they serve.

Thank you, Jennifer!

We are incredible thankful to Jennifer who, by choosing to remember the University with a gift in her will, will change the lives of countless individuals living with a hearing impairment for generations to come.

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