Cost of Living: Supporting Our Students

The recent cost of living crisis is impacting all sections of our society and for students especially, rising costs can have a significant impact on already stretched budgets. 

The reality is that more and more young people are now facing financial hardship and we understand just how much anxiety and concern this may be causing our student community. 

The University of Manchester has therefore taken steps to signpost existing support to those who are struggling, and has put additional measures in place to make sure help is available to all who need it. 

Current support available 

For all our students, there is a package of support available for those who need help now.  

Cost of Living Support FundThis fund provides non-repayable financial grants to students who are experiencing unexpected hardship and can help with costs such as accommodation, food, utility bills and transport. This fund exists thanks to generous donations from our alumni and supporter community.  

Students’ Union Advice Service and Emergency Loan – Enabled by the Students’ Union, this service offers advice on money matters and provides small emergency loans for those in short term financial hardship.  

The Well – An on-campus service, which provides emergency wellbeing assistance including food bank access and holistic support.  

Other support in place across campus includes:  

  • Cheaper food and drink from on-campus retailers, including meals from as little as £1. 
  • Free showers and period products.  
  • Safe taxi scheme, to help students get home when they don’t have the money to pay.  
  • Free hot water and microwave facilities.  

Additional steps 

In addition to the support already in place, the University has taken urgent steps to increase the help available. 

This includes a new Cost of Living payment – All registered students will be offered a one-off payment. Full time students will receive £170 and part time students will receive £85.

A new working group with colleagues from across the University and the Students’ Union has also been created. The Cost of Living Working Group will work together to identify ways to take further action and has already secured £360,000 in funding from the University. 

The budget will be used to implement several new measures, including: 

  • The creation of ‘cosy campus’ spaces for student use. These spaces will be warm and equipped with microwaves, hot water and washing up facilities.  
  • A new Emergency Hardship Support Fund for students in immediate need. Unlike the Living Cost Support Fund, this funding will aim to have grants available within 24 hours. 
  • A new Money Advisor role to provide guidance for students. This will be a new position established within the Students’ Union. 
  • The creation of more student jobs on campus to provide opportunities for additional income.  

All students who are in need of support are encouraged to visit the Cost of Living Support Pages.  

How you can help 

Much of the help available to our students, such as financial scholarships and grants from our Cost of Living Support Fund, are made possible thanks to donations from our alumni and supporter community. 

By making a gift to help students at Manchester, you will help to increase the support available for those in need.  

To find out more or to make a donation, visit  

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