Meet the Aline Egan Scholars

Earlier this year, we shared the fantastic news that the number of Manchester Master’s Bursaries available each year has increased from 75 to 100, for the next four academic years. The Manchester Master’s Bursary is a vital programme, aimed at helping students from underrepresented groups access postgraduate education.

This increase in the support available is all thanks to Alumna Aline Egan, who kindly chose to remember the University with a gift in her will. Writing “for the support of students unable to adequately finance their studies”.

Over the next four years, Aline’s gift will support up to 200 students, ensuring that talented and deserving individuals can access the same life changing opportunities as those who came before them.

Aline’s farsighted gift has already started to make an impact, as we welcomed the first cohort of Aline Egan Scholars to the University this September. Below, you can read just some of the inspiring stories from this year’s cohort.

Meet The Aline Egan Scholars

Deyzi Santos, Medical Microbiology

“The unique course units in the medical microbiology program at The University of Manchester inspired me to choose to study here at Manchester. As well as the advantages of attending a top 10 university, I believe studying here will enhance my laboratory skills for a career in microbiology, and therefore help me to fight antimicrobial resistance in the future.

The support from the Manchester Master’s Bursary and Aline Egan was essential in helping me to settle in Manchester, helping with accommodation and food expenses.

Having encountered challenges since birth, due to growing up without my biological parents and facing neglect, this support has been indispensable. Without it, pursuing an intense course with no support or time for a full-time job would have been impossible.

Thanks to this support, I’ve stayed dedicated to my medical microbiology studies and I am set to be the first person in my family to earn a master’s degree. My aim is to contribute positively to the fight against antimicrobial resistance.”

Adetoro Orimoloye, MA Political Economy

“Being an Aline Egan Scholar means achieving my dreams. Without the bursary I wouldn’t have been able to undertake my master’s and ensure that I stand out in jobs market, especially as the legal sector is so competitive.

Having already completed my bachelors degree at The University of Manchester, and had a fantastic three years, I genuinely couldn’t see myself going anywhere else for my master’s! Manchester has truly become a second home for me and has really helped nurture me into the person I am. As I am aspiring to be a solicitor, the University, more specifically the School of Social Sciences, constantly sends emails about various legal events and networking sessions, and I strongly believe attending these during my time at the University helped me secure an internship at a top law firm last summer.”

Kathryn Bracewell, MEd Psychology of Education.

“I knew I wanted to apply for my Master of Education (MEd) at Manchester because a lot of the educational psychologists I have met studied both their MEd and PhD at Manchester. All of them said it was an inclusive and supportive environment. Manchester also has a high acknowledgement of the BPS accreditation which I need to progress on to the PhD and become an educational psychologist.

Being an Aline Egan Scholar allows me to support my family and get the crucial support I need as a young disabled woman”.

Kathryn also said that since starting her master’s, she has felt incredibly supported by those around her.

“[The first stand out moment I had at the University was] meeting my academic adviser. I haven’t had many people advocate for me, other than my academic adviser and the tutors on my course. Having an academic advisor was a game changer for dealing with those imposter syndrome moments”

Neha Khan, MSc Genomic Medicine

“I decided to study at Manchester to help achieve my goal of becoming a Genomic Counsellor. Being at the University, I’ve found myself inspired by the beautiful architecture, and motivated by the dedication and ambition prevalent among my peers.

Being an Aline Egan Scholar is an honour. The bursary has allowed me to become more financially stable while at university. This has been a massive help in managing my disability. It also allows me to travel back home in times of need and when I need additional care. I’ve also used the support the bursary has given me, to give back to the community as much as possible. I’ve done this by becoming a Student Representative, undertaking many different voluntary roles, and working towards the Stellify award.

Since being at the University, I have made many friends and connections. I’ve also been able to effectively manage my disability with the support from the bursary and University staff. I now feel confident in my future and my abilities. I’d like to thank The University of Manchester, the Disability and Advisory Support Service, Aline Egan, and all those involved in the bursary process, for helping to make my time at Manchester a positive, knowledgeable, and inspiring experience.”

Moleka Newman, MA History

“[I was inspired to study my master’s at Manchester because] I love the city and the communities here.

Without the bursary, I likely would not be able to afford studying a master’s. The bursary will allow me to further fulfil my passion for studying Black British history, with the hope of one day progressing on to do a PhD.

Aline’s gift is already having a positive impact on the next generation of students here at Manchester. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, access to the most financially rewarding, stable and fulfilling careers will be even harder to attain for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A master’s degree from Manchester can offer enhanced skills and specialist knowledge that put graduates in a better position to compete in the job market.

Meanwhile, for aspiring researchers, a master’s degree is a vital stepping stone towards a PhD and subsequently, a career in research that tackles some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Thanks to Aline, more great minds will make the breakthroughs and discoveries that will benefit future generations, regardless of their social or financial circumstances.

What an incredible legacy to leave behind. Thank you, Aline.

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