The Purple Wave

In May more than a hundred staff, students and alumni completed the Manchester 10k to support deserving students and researchers at The University of Manchester

Share 107 Purple Wave fundraisers raised over £11,000 to support students and research at Manchester Share on X 1600 students, staff and alumni completed the Manchester 10k as part of the Purple Wave Share on X Over 100 staff, students and alumni chose to complete the Manchester 10k and raise money for students & research at UoM Share on X

On the 19th of May more than 1600 people walked, jogged and ran in the Great Manchester Run’s 10k and half marathon as part of the Purple Wave.

The wave – the biggest of its kind in the UK – was made up of staff, student and alumni all running in university purple.

Among the wave were 107 runners and walkers who were raising money for scholarships and research at The University of Manchester.

The 107 fundraisers managed to raise an impressive total of £11,153.17 which will support our deserving students and researchers through Undergraduate Access Scholarships, International Equity and Merit Scholarships, and medical research at the University of Manchester.

Choose your cause

The wide range of causes you’re able to support at The University of Manchester makes it simple to find a reason to run that’s close to your heart.  For alumnus Kelly Stanford, picking her cause was a “no brainer” as diseases that the University looks to eradicate and better treat such as cancer, dementia and heart disease have affected her and her family personally.

Georgia Vesma, a PhD student, loved studying at Manchester to the point that she’s begun her third degree here. “It was easy for me to decide to go to university – both my parents had been, and I had few financial worries.” She also knew that for some, going to University is not a simple choice.

The Manchester Access Programme (MAP) encourages children from low-income families in Greater Manchester to consider University as an option. Students who complete the programme receive an Undergraduate Access Scholarship if they go on to study at Manchester.

 “Coming to Manchester changed my life, and by supporting scholarships you can make that difference for another person!” Georgia said.

Manchester and Beyond

MAP is not the only scheme that brings world-class education to those for whom it may not usually be an option. Equity and Merit Scholarships support outstanding students from Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, allowing them to undertake master’s degrees at the University of Manchester. Someone who knows only too well the impact of this scholarship is David Garcia, the programme administrator for this scholarship.

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know each and every one of our scholars personally; they are all such lovely people with amazing drive and ambition.”

These scholarships have wide-reaching consequences for the students and their communities as they take home the knowledge and skills that they’ve learnt here to fill the skills gap in their country. David knows this only too well. “Many of them have gone on to make a huge difference to the economic and social development of their home communities. Their stories are inspiring! Our E&M scholarships help to break down barriers and give access to education for some of the brightest minds.”

“If you are going to run and put yourself through it you may as well do it for a good cause. Raise money for a project that means the most to you or one that you feel is most worthwhile and you will help to make an impact. Whatever you want to raise money for you should also remember it’s about you and why you want to do it.”

Supported by the University

Our fundraisers were all supported from long before the race by the University, and buoyed on by the fantastic atmosphere and crowds on the day.

Despite damaging her knee during training, Kelly completed the race because she always felt encouraged and supported. “I helped raise money for a great cause, which kept me going even after my injury. The atmosphere was great- I really enjoyed running with other Purple Wave runners (including our bee mascot!) and seeing the UoM supporter tents near the end cheering everyone on kept me going to the end”.

Every penny raised will go directly to supporting students and research at Manchester. Find out more about how your donations support causes at Manchester.


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